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  • Do you feel exhausted from work and having no energy left to take care of your children?
  • Spending weekends at home without an idea what to do with the kids run riot?
  • Feeling relieved when you're back in the office with another messy energy drain holidays behind you?

Keep pace with your children's demands - a compact FREE guide through all main health improvements crucial for providing more stamina.

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Do you want to get a surge in energy that will provide enough power for dealing with your work AND leave plenty of it for spending quality time with your children?

What if someone tells you it's within your reach, manageable by your own power?

No, it's not about taking the medications, and it's not even about swallowing the energy pills.

Hi, I'm Kristijan Galekovic, a father of two demanding children. I'm close to fifty, and I feel strong to answer life challenges AND give my children the best of me!

This free course will improve your three fundamental, but probable, most neglected areas responsible for your well-being and energy source yield.

The Course Structure

Read about the three pain points addressed in three course modules below:


What does your sleep routine look like? Do you feel fresh in the morning, or like you didn't sleep at all? Bedtime is not what is most important here. It's merely about the quality of your sleep. But what impacts the sound slumber? How to raise sleep quality and how to fall asleep easier?

Find out how you can improve by following the "Quick Tips" presented in MODULE 1: THE LONGEVITY FACTOR - SLEEP.


Meal after meal, you are eating what your eyes and your craving for taste command you. But how do you feel an hour or two after that? What about the rest of the day, can you endure? Do you feel energized or squeezed? Did you connect the dots? Do you ever think of the food intake as the energy drainer instead of energy provider? What is it in your case?

If you want to replace the heaviness with lightness and thinness, start with "WFPB Diet Thirty Days Trial." Learn about it in MODULE 2: THE ILLNESS PREVENTION - DIET.


Constant increasing demands, pressure, and life tempo are expanding the stress levels and makes are worried. Am I capable of what is asked from me? Will I manage in time? How can I find the time and energy for my family? My children are left on their own. I can not take proper care of them. What can I do? I feel so helpless.

Stop worrying and relieve the stress by taking "The Everyday Small Steps" acquired in MODULE 3: THE MOOD FOOD - EXERCISE.

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My Health Is Directly Proportional to My Kids' Happiness

If you were traveling by plane, then you'll remember the safety instructions telling the following. "In case of the cabin pressure drop, pull the mask above your head, put it on you first, and help your children."

Your instinct is telling you that it should be the other way around. Your children are small and need your protection. But if you're not capable of protecting them, who will help them? If you run out of the oxygen and pass out before you manage to assist your kids, both you and they are in danger.

I was always keen to give the best to my children. Enough of play inside, walks, and excursions. Being around whenever they need me. But I forgot about my self. I've started to feel that I'm losing the rhythm, especially since we've got the second child. I was feeling heavy, drained of energy, and with my mind blurred without clear thoughts.

Getting enough sleep was not a problem for me, I've always been disciplined in sleeping habits. My diet and lack of exercise were other stories. I've started to experiment with my diet and introduced aerobic exercise in my daily routine. These new habits resulted in an energy boost and satisfaction with myself, which is projected to my children.

What's In it For You?

By registering for this FREE course, you will get:

  1. 1
    The abstract of the three highly valuable books I've read in the areas of sleep, diet, and exercise.
  2. 2
    Insights in my everyday application of the acquired knowledge.
  3. 3
    Tips for more energy and life satisfaction based on my own experience.
  4. 4
    One key achievable outcome from every module.
  5. 5
    A baseline for an energized relationship with your kids.

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  • This course provides valuable information in the sleep, diet, and fitness area, all the crucial aspects of your health.
  • The data summarized from the three books I've read is enriched with my practical examples and applications of the captured knowledge.
  • At the end of each module, you will find the task with instructions to boost your health in practice.

I intend to improve and expand this course with time, and thus, it might become a paid course in the near future. If you secure your access to the course now, you will get it for free, and it will stay to be free for you even after the updates and switch to a paid course.

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